When an achievement creates a hollow feeling

Last month, I received confirmation that I had passed the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Certification granted by the CNBV, which certifies that a Compliance Officer is qualified and knowledgeable in the prevention of money launderingterrorism and related crimes in Mexico. 

Historically, ineffective and deficient policies to combat these crimes, together with impunity, have increased the levels of crime and insecurity in the country. Thus, my thought was that becoming more knowledgeable on a deterrent of these crimes (antimoney laundering programs) gave a sense of purpose to the preparatory effort.

Sadly, two days after receiving my approval notification a close relative died, victim of the crime and insecurity in the CDMX. A loving husband and father of two, proud Mexican, hard worker, responsible and innocent civilian, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I still regret having missed a family event where he was present, a few days before I took the exam, precisely because I wanted to focus on it. This would have been my last encounter with him and I missed it, for an exam that now feels meaningless, except that it seeks to combat the very root cause of this fatality.

I cannot feel more than a strong commitment to contribute with my grain of sand to attack with determination and firmness this great evil that afflicts all Mexicans so much.

This post is ‘in memoriam’ of him. NEVER FORGET

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