No Regrets

Today, as Christmas treat to myself, I am not writing or sharing information about Compliance or Corporate Governance as I normally do… I’ll share this nice, short, editorial review of a workshop on how to overcome professional fears.

I thought it could be valuable to my network, as we approach the time of the year where we usually review the yearlong results and analyze our achievements and mistakes. If you tend to be a perfectionist – as I am – it is common to view your mistakes as failures (negative connotation) and, as a result, to fear what lies ahead for the next year. This will be a BIG mistake! Thinking as a Compliance specialist, by relating failure to fear and vice versa, what will happen is that you will seek to suppress such feelings and become more risk adverse.

During my work experience, I have had the opportunity of taking various similar female workshops, but it was not until this year that I fully understood what I had been taught. Indeed, as I conducted my self-review of 2019, I could not stop feeling a sense of fulfillment for the netted results: I took a big chance in a fearful ride and not everything went as planned, but the excitement, energy and optimism that it has injected me is worthless.

So, based on my own experience from this year, here are some thoughts:

  • Embrace your challenges as opportunities, which will help you to overcome your fears
  • As the article says, adopt a “growth mindset” by recognizing mistakes and learning from them
  • Believe in yourself and always feel powerful and confident of your potential
  • Assess and correct, but NEVER regret!

Happy holidays!